Call answering packages for every size business

Whether you are a one man show, or you employ 50 staff – we have a solution for you. Our services allow you to concentrate on all the crucial day-to-day operations of your business without the fear of missing any important calls.

Affordable call answering services

Choose one of our affordable call answering plans and we can start answering your calls within 2 hours. We don’t lock our clients into contacts, you are free to cancel at any stage.

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Be up and running in less than 2 hours!

Affordable Packages

Pricing plans for every size business.

No Contracts

The flexibility to cancel at any time.

Pricing & Plans

All packages have  a R 250.00 once off registration fee. View our Out of Bundle Rates. View our full Terms & Conditions

All plans include:

Answering in your company name  Our agents will answer calls in your company name, or with a greeting message you provide us with

Multiple notification sending  We can send you notifications via email and SMS, to multiple people in your company

South African Area Codes   Choose from dedicated numbers with your local area code

After hours auto attendant  Our auto-attendant will answer calls with a recorded message after working hours

Multiple call forwarding   Our agents can forward calls to different people in your organisation

Multiple call answering  Our agents can answer multiple calls at one time, meaning your customers will never get an engaged tone

All calls screened & recorded  Every call that comes through to us is screened for spam and recorded

On-hold music  On-hold music whilst your customer's call is being forwarded

Frequently asked questions

Can any company use this service?

The answering service is available to any company throughout South Africa and Internationally, big or small.

How do you answer our calls?

We answer each call in your company name. You will receive a dedicated number, any calls made to this number activates your company details on our system, your details launch onto a screen in front of the agent enabling them to answer in your company name.

How do I get to know about the caller?

Based on your needs, we can either transfer the call to you, or we can take a message and immediately send you the callers details via sms or email.

How long before it is activated?

Once we have received your registration, your details are loaded into the system and you are given a telephone number. Your account will be active and ready for use on payment of your initial invoice. It can be as quick as 2 hours!

What if I don't have a phone number?

Yes. If you are currently using your mobile phone you can divert calls from your mobile to our office. Or if you require a new telephone number, we can allocate you a number with any area dialling code (depends on availability). You do not need a land line, or a current number.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are from 8am till 5pm, Monday to Friday. An afterhours message and automated mailbox is set up on your account and will record any messages received after hours. These messages are sent to you the next working day.

Still not sure if we have a solution for you?

Work With Me® is the perfect solution for businesses who either struggle to keep up with the volume of incoming phone calls, would like to improve their company image or just need to ensure their calls are always answered. If you have more specific needs, we would love to hear from you.

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We offer a comprehensive and professional telephone answering service. Our cost effective packages suit your budget and your workload. Sign up with us today!

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